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Government is always moving. At Panettiere Public Affairs, we work at the municipal, state, and federal level to make sure your organization gets the results it needs. Your business is what matters. We're just here to work out the details.

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Government and political affairs is our business, so you can focus on your business.

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  • “Hiring Sam has easily been the one of best decisions our Chamber has made. His expertise and tenacity provide a valuable benefit to our members, by allowing them to engage with elected officials, and track legislation that is specifically focused on their relevant issues. Sam has also helped us forge stronger relationships with legislators around the entire state, which has resulted in our successful advocacy of millions of dollars in capital projects in our region.”
  • "Sammy's previous government and political experience has provided invaluable expertise to my administration and has been an asset to Kansas City in State Government Affairs."
  • "Sam has helped the South Kansas City Chamber increase our value to our members by providing timely information on legislation as well as insight into the process and politics in Jefferson City.  He has also helped us build and strengthen relationships with our elected officials."
  • "Sammy has been able to forge meaningful relationships on both sides of the aisle at all levels of government and continues to get things done that benefit his clients and the state."

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